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Jaded Skyes


He does it alone, mum. But not anymore.

Billie Piper photographed by Damon Baker


Rory’s tired of the Doctor’s shenanigans. 


AU - Billie Piper as the Doctor and David Tennant as John Tyler

└ The Doctor and John have a not-so discreet conversation about her sense of humor in front of Queen Victoria.

(I imagine all of this being said in mock whispers.)

beautiful casts

Doctor Who
beautiful casts

Doctor Who


”..and then they leave, which is sad. But then David and me kind of go ‘Hey it’s okay, cos we’ve still got each other.” I mean, I really love it when it’s just me and David - it’s nice and contained and easy. If we want to be silent in between takes, we can be, and we don’t worry about the other person thinking we’re a bit boring. We’re kind of like a married couple in that way, I suppose. And that happened very quickly: I think it’s because we’re quite like-minded, me and David.” - Billie Piper


└ The Weeping Angel sends Rory and Amy to Tentoo’s universe

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2.13 Doomsday → 7.05 The Angels Take Manhattan